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[Final reminder] Shadowplay - the final one tonight!!! - Shadowplay [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Final reminder] Shadowplay - the final one tonight!!! [Dec. 29th, 2008|12:51 pm]
Tonight brings Shadowplay to an end, having run under this name since the beginning of 2005, and overall since May 2003. It is fitting then that DJ Wendi makes a return for this final one.

NOTE: change of venue, due to the Black Swan, shutting/going bust

The FINAL Shadowplay features DJ Simon A and guest DJ Wendi playing Old and New Goth, Darkwave, PostPunk, Neofolk, Electronic and Alternative sounds.

The Tap & Spile
Monkgate, York
7.30 - 11.00
FREE Entry!!!