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[Playlist/setlists] Shadowplay 24/11/2008 the penultimate one!!!! - Shadowplay [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Playlist/setlists] Shadowplay 24/11/2008 the penultimate one!!!! [Dec. 7th, 2008|07:06 pm]
Unfortunately very much a quieter night, a shame as there was some great stuff played. Details of the final event appear further down, please note the change of venue to the Tap & Spile.

DJ Simon A

Golgatha & Dawn and Dusk Entwined - The Messiah [Cold Meat Industry]
Ice Ages - Icarus
Deadwood - Bloodcult [Cold Spring]
Les Fragments de la Nuit - La Ronde des Fees
Stoa - Iter Devium
Death in June - Love's Decay
Peter Heppner - Das Geht Vorbei
History of Guns - Empty Eyes [LineOut]
Golden Apes - Tempest [Shadowplay Russia]
Mary goes Round - Mary Sleeps Alone [Infrastition]
Atomic Neon - mein Kleid [Black Rain]
Love is Colder than Death - Wild World
Anne Clark - Full Moon (Xabec club mix)
Leisur Hive - Interval 1
Seelenlicht - Demain [Cold Spring]
Die Art - Obsession is a Bad Passion
Star Industry - Sin [Alfa Matrix]
Descendants of Cain - Confessions [Echozone]
the Eden House - Infra-Red
the Torpedos - Twisted Love Song
Goldblade - Jukebox Generation
Kirlian Camara - Erinnerung [Trisol]
the Beauty of Gemina - Shadow Dancer
Bacio di Tosca - O WÄrst Du Mein! (Das Ich remix)
Derniere Volonte - Cran d' Arret [Hauruck]

Guest DJ - VonSuhl

Nik Page - Road of Damnation
Schelmish - Moor (single version)
Raldf der Rabe & Marcel Wricke - Irischer Jubel
Filia Irata - Der Vogelfanger II
Faun - November
Chamber - Deeper Sense
Miranda Sex Garden - Are you the One?
All about Eve - What kind of Fool? (2006)
Heimataerde - Brueder [Infacted]
ASP - Spottlied auf die Harten Wanderjahre
Elusive - Lost in the Rain [Pandaimonium]
Fields of the Nephilim - Love under Will
Garmarna - Herr Holkin
Gate - Knut liten og Sylvelin

DJ Simon A

the Triple Tree - the Ash Tree [Cold Spring[
In the Nursery - Praxis [ITN Productions]
Anders Manga - the Only
BlutEngel - Dancing in the Light (Club mix) [Out of Line]
Noblesse Oblige - Seaside Suicide
Sieben - Winter Snowdrop [Trisol]


Veljanov - Dirt

Shadowplay returns for one final time on Monday 29 December 2008
DJ Simon A and guest DJ Wendi
@The Tap & Spile, Monkgate, York
7.30 -11pm
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